Stunt man gameplay

Stunt man gameplay

Season 1Edit

The stunt man is the second character the player can play as in season 1, he is found when he runs over the main protagonist near the beggining of the game. He hits the main protagonist off a cliff with his car and takes his place as the playable character for the set of levels where he appears. 

The stunt man did this because he thought he was more competent of rescuing the future version of the main protagonist from the shark, and was annoyed at the future version of the main protagonist because he was constantly complaining about how painful it was to be in the shark's jaw.

Season 2Edit

In the last set of levels there is a cutscene showing all of the protagonists together, planning to kill the evil clone of the future version of the main protagonist. He is selected to be fused with the main protagonist, after the main protagonist suggested using two guns to get up to the castle that the evil clone was hiding in. The main protagonist, after being fused, made a remark, "I hate this idea." Which the stunt man took offensively and replied, "I hate you!" 


Normal gameplayEdit

While not fused, the stunt man is able to blast his shotgun at the ground under him to jump long distances. He can jump higher than the main protagonist, but the downside is he can't keep himself in the air for very long. He also dives head first once he has reached a certain hight.

Gameplay while fused to the main protagonistEdit

While fused to the main protagonist, the stunt man can use his shotgun normally, but also can use the main protagonist's beam cannon. The beam cannon, while used by the main protagonist can blast him into the air at a slower speed than that of the shotgun, but keep him in the air for a longer time, without diving when that time is up. Gameplay with both guns is like combining the two, being able to jump higher, and a longer distance. The shotgun can be fired while the beam cannon is still firing, or while in the air, making for longer, or higher jumps.          

Background Edit

The stunt man is very arrogant, sometimes taking matters into his own hands, even by harming the person handling the matter. He dislikes the main protagonist, but is willing to work with him. He is famous, and sometimes fans follow him during the game. He is also very impulsive, but very adventurous. He wears a black outfit and a black football helmet with a red crab design on it. Edit